Good Samaritan Hospital
901 Olive Drive
Bakersfield, CA 93309
Medical Services



Regional Wound Care & Advanced Hyperbaric Medicine Center
5400 Aldrin Court
Bakersfield, CA 93313



Our Mission:

Good Samaritan Hospital is an essential access community healthcare organization whose mission is to provide safe, effective, and efficient medical and neuropsychiatric services in a caring manner for all members of our community.

Our Vision: 

We envision our organization and our capabilities emerging and growing in response to the ever changing needs of the community we serve.

Our focus is on quality care and service to all of our customers.

We see our patients/clients, their families, our dedicated physicians, the community, and our fellow employees as the customers we serve.

We recognize and treat these customers with dignity and with respect and as unique individuals.

We take pride in our role in helping each patient/client achieve their goals of improved physical, mental and spiritual health.

We provide each employee with opportunities for learning and development.

We challenge ourselves to provide quality care and service to all of our customers all of the time.

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